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Choicest Google Chrome Extensions For Webmasters

Google chrome has thousands of extensions available online. Today we are going to tell you about 5 Choicest Google Chrome Extensions For Webmasters and web developers .Extensions can make Google Chrome an even better web development environment by providing additional features.

1. Note AnyWhere 
This is the most incredible and useful tools to use . for a person, it such showing simplicity. this tool is not just simple but it’s also very simple to use. Just visit any web site, leave an email and no matter when you return, the note it’s still there. This is extremely helpful to those who have several things to do and frequently forget a number of them.

2. MozBar 
This can be a tool that’s regarded as the greatest SEO device by many people. It incorporates lots of features also it enables you to access all of them easily. You may access lots of link metrics and the rest of the valuable information you will need.

My google chrome extensions
My google chrome extensions

3. IE Tab

This fantastic extension will actually allow you to be able to open an internet explorer tab alongside other tabs if a website refuses to load properly. Click here to visit the website.


A web built web site will generally lead to some good results in search engines. However if you want to make an evaluation of your web site SEO-Wise then you can definitely use this SEO extension, an extension that offers you a great number of tools so you can evaluate your site’s SEO. It can offer you a lot of useful data.

5. Google URL Shortener

Just make use of that tool with one click the mouse you’re going to get a reduced version of this long WEB ADDRESS. You may also add the actual URLs in order to history and rely on them later. It’s a great tool which absolutely recommended which is very helpful.

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