Top apps for work and play on the iPhone, iPad and Mac

New iPad 2 and developers are optimizing apps to take advantage of the tablet’s new speed and features, we shouldn’t neglect great titles that are available to download right now on the small screen, 9.7-inch screen (iPad and iPad 2) and larger screen.

Evernote (free across all platforms)

Evernote is the gold standard among free productivity apps for iOS and Apple devices. Users who are addicted to this cloud-based note-taking app on their mobile devices couldn’t wait to download a version of the app to the Mac.The first day of the Mac App Store, Evernote Mac app generated more than 40,000 gives users the ability to tap in notes on one device and reference later on another.


Things ($9.99 for iPhone, $19.99 for iPad, $49.99 for the Mac App Store)

Things is the productivity app worth paying for on any device.the beauty with having Things on your desktop as well as on the go is that tasks are shared and synced between any device you use. The color-coded checklists translate well however you interface with the app.

OmniFocus ($19.99 for iPhone, $39.99 for iPad, $79.99 for the Mac App Store)

OmniFocus is for the hardcore users, getting everything done is all about context. This pioneering app, which was recognized in the early days of the iTunes App Store for its utility and design, lets you categorize tasks by function so you can blitz through calls you need to make, groceries you need to pick up, or apps that you need to download.

Angry Birds (99 cents for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad and Mac App Store)

Angry Birds is just as addictive whether you are playing it while waiting for the bus on your iPhone, sitting on the couch with your iPad or at a desktop on your Mac. Now you can feed your addiction wherever you are.

Osmos (99 cents for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad, $9.99 for Mac App Store)

It is the hall-of-fame of physics game features new dimensions no matter what device you are playing. On the Mac, the funky soundtrack and state-of-the-art graphics really stand out.

The Incident ($1.99 universal iOS app for iPhone and iPad, $2.99 for the Mac App Store)

This is a action game. and it is all about being Retro, its tone, graphics and sensibility make it a more compelling option to Oregon Trail. And it’s hard to beat the price.

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