Top 5 Sites to Play Free Games Online

Hi friends todat i am hear with the top 5 most popular websites to play free games online. I hope you will enjoy to play game online free.i have listed them billow.

1. Miniclip:


It offers a number of free games from different genres. It has several famous titles like Penguin, Spineworld, Puzzle Pirates, RuneScape that have become a hit amongst the gamers. You have to register with Miniclip and then have their own profiles, awards and news feeds.after registring you will be able to play games.

2. CandyStand:


It offers more than 100 Flash and Shockwave games ranging from Action to Strategy.this is a online gameing portal. Some of the popular titles of this site include Monster Trucks Unleashed, Vector Tower Defense, SlipStream and Fancy Pants Adventure.

3. Shockwave:


It is a online and offline video game portal and distributor. The website has more than 500 games in its repository ranging from jigsaw puzzles to adventure. Shockwave enjoys around 4.8 million unique visitors annually.

4. MindJolt:


It is a popular application on Facebook. It offers around 1500 games to its audience.

5. Free Online Games (FOG):


This advertisement driven site offers some of the popular games to its viewers. FOG comes in several foreign languages as well.

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1 thought on “Top 5 Sites to Play Free Games Online”

  1. Armorgames and y8 are worth to be mentioned too.
    And also flashgamehq, they got a huge flash game index of more then 30k games.

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