The YouTube Videos Made Our Year In Viral Views 15

The YouTube Videos  Made Our Year In Viral Views 15


You had a great year and are looking forward to seeing you again in 2011. Pull up a chair, get out

that popcorn, and enjoy the YouTube videos that made our year.

Kitten Riding Turtle

This cat has enslaved a poor reptile to do his bidding, or they are playing hide and seek and the

cat found the one place the turtle would never find him.

Yoshida Brothers

I want these guys to write the soundtrack to my life. Then everything I did would just feel that

much more awesome. I could be buying milk at the grocery store and still feel like I was in an

action movie.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook Apology

I’m glad Mark Zuckerberg finally apologized for all those Facebook privacy issues. I mean just

because someone uploads a video of them being drunk and bad mouthing their boss to the

internet, doesn’t mean they want everyone to see it. It’s also definitely not their fault that the video

went viral and they were fired…..right?

Stair Walk

According to the  Michael Jackson passed away, I searched relentlessly for the one who would be

crowned the new “King Of Pop”. After many months of searching, I believe I have found him. Who

needs to know how to moon walk when you can do this:

Mini MJ

From that , I guess that last guy has some pretty stiff competition. I mean this guy is already

drawing in the crowds. Maybe the two of them could team up and become an unstoppable dancing


Party Like These Guys

If you need help, how to behave at a party,You have  just take a gander at these festive fellows.

They definitely know how to get down, just don’t end up like this guy:


I have discovered the worst board game to play with a group of strangers. Especially if you end up

being partners with that one guy who never washes his hands. Better have some hand sanitizer

ready before playing this one.

How Tough Are NES Games?

It didn’t have the heart to torture them to find out? Lucky for you these folks wondered the same

thing and put a handful of cartridges through a gauntlet of stress tests. Now you can sleep much

more peacefully knowing your copy of Earthbound could probably survive going through the


Concealed Weapons

After seeing this video I now understand why airport security is so tight these days. I mean if all of

that was just in his pants, who knows what his shoes might be hiding.

Snakes In Math Class

I learned more drawing random squiggles on my notes than I ever did in my 13+ years of math.

(Note: Apologies to my math teachers who may see this. Doodling was just more entertaining than

solving differential equations).

It’s been a fun last couple of months together and I can’t wait to see what great things we’ll find

next year. Have a classy New Year’s Eve and we will see you in 2011.

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