Red Dead Redemption

Download Red Dead Redemption for PS3.Undead Nightmare’s outrageous blend of b-movie zombie horror and open-world Western action has been set loose in the world across PSN and Xbox Live.  Here’s just a taste of what critics are saying about the game.

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

Undead Nightmare is what downloadable content should be a lot of bang for your buck.  There’s a whole lot of new here: a 6+ hour single-player campaign, two multiplayer modes, two outfits, side missions, weapons, mounts, etc.  It’s clear that Rockstar didn’t skimp on this package, and priced at a cool $10 or 800 Microsoft points, neither should you.  There’s a lot of fun to be had in this light-hearted version of the West, so if you’re craving a well-polished zombie-filled package of fun, here it is.” – 10/10 IGN.

Undead Nightmare Pack comes with a brand new single-player segment as well as a new multiplayer mode.  Oh, and it turns everyone into zombies, which changes everything.  How’s that for a bang? …A package that will hook loads of players from the moment that very first zombie head goes bang.” – 9/10 CVG

Undead Nightmare packs a surprisingly meaty, zombie-infested single-player experience that essentially reinvents the game, piles a fun four-player mode on top of that and sprinkles in a few hidden extras” – 9/10 Gamesradar

Aside from the volume of additions, the impressive thing about Undead Nightmare is its sheer thoroughness.  Rather than going for the easy money, and perhaps just lobbing a few new enemies into the existing framework, Rockstar has opted to completely overhaul the Red Dead experience in fine detail.  So alongside the new quests, foes and weapons – the kind of thing you expect from a typical expansion pack – the developers have changed the whole appearance of their world, redressing the land in gloomy hues.  There’s a revamped soundtrack too, including a few licensed psychobilly tunes and even new cheeky comments for Marston himself as he loots the bodies of his rotten opposition.


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