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Call Of Duty Black Ops Troubleshooting Guide

Basic Troubleshooting  of Call Of Duty Black Ops


Basic troubleshooting for the problem that you are getting it to check for the latest version of the driver for all the hardware.

1 DirectX

Download the latest DirectX for your system. To download the latest DirecX you can visit the Microsoft.

2 Latest Windows Update

This is important to have the latest Windows Update to ensure that Windows is running with the latest patch and security updates from Microsoft.

3 Video Card

If you are having then Ati or AMD Graphic Card then it is better to check the Official site and find the latest driver for the Graphic Card of yours.
If you are the nVidia user then I will recommend you to go to the download page of the and download the latest driver for the same.

4 Steam Beta

If you are running with the Steam Beta then it is recommended not to use the same as most of the users are seen with the problem while on Steam Beta.

5 Verify Game Cache

To verify the Integrity of Call Of Duty Black Ops check the below given instruction:

  • Go to Properties
  • Go to Local File Tab
  • Now Click on “Verify Integrity Of Game Cache”

1 Minimum system requirements:

    • OS: Windows Vista/XP/7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 or better
    • Memory: 2GB
    • HDD: 12GB
    • Video: Shader 3.0 or better 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Radeon X1950Pro 8600GT/ATI or better
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • DirectX 9.0c
  1. Another recommendation is to go with the logfile. To work with the same Go with the below given instruction:
    • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players\config_mp.cfg”
    • Open it text editor
    • At the end of file type “seta logfile 1“

Problem with Screen Resolution

How to get screen resolution smaller then 800×600?

Most of the people are trying to get the screen resolution smaller then the 800×600 but as it is not in the menu. But you can get it working by tweaking into the Config file.

  • Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players\config_mp.cfg”
  • Find for Seta r_customMode
  • Set value to “640×380” i.e. Seta r_customMode “640×380”

Unable to set resolution to 640×380 showing error

If you are unable to get it working with the same then it might be possible that you are running with the old dvar r_mode, which does not support the “r_customMode”.


Changing FOV does not work except changing weapon scale

To take the effect with the FOV you have to go with the respawn after you have changed the FOV. So if you can then go through the same and work with the issue.

Theater Mode

Unable to run on Theater Mode

If you are unable to run the theater mode then I will advise you to go with below given step to enable recording in Theater mode.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players\config_mp.cfg”
  2. Open Config_MP.CFG in Notepad
  3. Add these in end of file
    • bind KP_END movie_start Film.avi
    • bind KP_PGDN movie_stop Film.avi
  4. Save the File and close it
  5. Right click on Config_MP.CFG
  6. Select Properties from Context Menu
  7. Select Read Only and click on OK
  8. Start the game
  9. Go to main menu
  10. Change r_clipSize to 1080
  11. Get into Theater Mode
  12. Select Edit option and create segment
  13. Now click button to start recording
  14. After completing click button for same
  15. You can play the movie from installation Directory
  16. Deselect Read only from Config file

Game Controllers

Want use 360 Gamepad, Is it possible?

If you want to use the 360 Gamepad with the Call Of Duty Black Ops then let me tell you that you can easily make the game running with the 360 gamepad with the Single Player as well as Multiplayer mode. Just do the following:

  • Start the Game
  • Go to Main Menu
  • Go to Option Menu
  • Go To GamePad category
  • Select Enable Gamepad

Issue with LeaderBoards

Leaderboards crashes

T his problem is seen most of the cases when your fiend list is bigger than 100. If you are also having the problem then advise you to go with the removing of some fiend and see whether the issue got resolved or not.

RCon / Server Related

Host a server

To host a server you have to pay some amount. There are some site which offers the own server. You can visit the Gameservers for same and own the server for Black Ops.

Change RCon Password

If you wanted to change the RCON password then you have to go to Gameserver and login to account. Now go to setting and change the RCon Password

How to Connect to RCON?

If you wanted to connect to Remote console then you have to go with the detail discussed below.

  • Start Call Of Duty Black Ops – Remote console
  • Type the label
  • Type Host IP
  • Type Port number
  • Type Password
  • Click to connect

No sound in Call Of Duty Black Ops

If you have install the Call Of Duty Black Ops and running fine but not getting the sound then you have to go with the below given solutions which will help you to resolve the same.

Try This

  • Start the Call Of Duty Black Ops
  • Press Alt+Tab button from keyboard
  • Go to System Tray
  • Right click on Speaker icon
  • Select ‘Open volume mixer’
  • Now drag the Call of Duty: Black Ops volume control to top

Try This

If you are running the game and got the sound muted automatically then just unmute it and this will resolve your issue.

Try This

If you are running the Black Ops in Windows 7 and not getting the sound then i will advise you to run the steam in compatibility mode and than you can get it working with the sound issue.

To run it in compatibility mode go with the below given steps:

  1. Go to installation folder
  2. Find Steam.exe
  3. Right Click on Steam.exe.
  4. Select Run In Compatibility Mode
  5. Select Windows XP

Try This

If you have connected the Headphone to the system and it is recognized as speaker then you might also not get the proper sound with the system. To resolve the same you have to go with the below given in instruction that will resolve the same.

  • Enter into Installation folder
  • Open then redist folder
  • Jump to DirectX Folder
  • Double Click on DXsetup to run it
  • Now start the game and change the device

Try This

The most preferable solution to work with the sound issue of your is to update the sound driver which might be old and not showing the compatibility with the game. If you have installed the Sound Driver and still not getting it work with the system then i will suggest you to try this:

  • Right click on the speaker
  • Select Playback devices
  • Select Sound device of yours
  • Click on Propertied
  • Go to Advance Tab
  • Now Select 16bit

Error: “Corrupt file mp_duga.ff”

If you are getting the error “Corrupt file mp_duga.ff” the might need to Verify the integrity of the game cache in Steam. To Verify the integrity of the game cache you have to go with the below given steps.

  1. Go to Steam
  2. Right Click on Black Ops in Steam Library
  3. Go to Properties
  4. Click on Local Files
  5. Now click “Verify the Integrity of Game Cache”

Getting Sever List Empty in Black Ops

If you are not getting any thing in the server list except for blank server then all you can do to resolve the issue is to Reset the server filter which will resolve the issue with the same.
Another Fix for Lag in Black Ops

Try this out:

  • Go to installation folder
  • Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players”
  • Find config.cfg and open it in Notepad
  • Find “multiGpu”, “multithreaded_device” entry

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