Angry Birds Seasons Easter Version Coming

According to the Rovio twitter account for the Angry Birds Sync details, we got an update that mentions an Easter version of Angry Birds Seasons being launched in the next couple of weeks.

Angry Birds Seasons is the version of the game that is themed with special events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day and the soon to be Easter version.

we expect to see quite a decent update being added to the game along with more worlds and levels for you to play.



According to that we find that the Rovio will launch 15 new levels in the update as well as launching 3 levels for play on Facebook.



As with all previous updates for Angry Birds Seasons, expect to see a complete new look and feel to the graphics on the game as well as the theme tune being made more “Easter like”.Pocket Gamer has heard that the game will launch next week.


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