Honeycomb Feature’s to Get Added to Android 2.4

Honeycomb Feature’s to Get Added to Android 2.4


We have hear that the next smartphone version of Android which is 2.4 AKA Ice Cream, will now borrow some of the features from Honeycomb.the new version would be designed for mainly tablets although smaller devices such as smartphones could also be made compatible in the future.

It’s Ice Cream version is being built now with the GRI17 branch name the new acceleration and RenderScript although a lot of the larger features designed for the tablet alone will of course be left out it is included on it.

yesterday Google uses Fragments in Android 3.0 which allows apps like Mail to pull in various fragments such as the sidebar and preview pane to make it better for a larger screen. Android 2.4 could also work with fragments and use the Honeycomb versions but without the fragments designed for the larger screen.

launching date of Android 2.4 is unknown this time, but we estimate it will be somewhere between 6 to 10 months from the launch of Gingerbread which went live in December.

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