Sony Comcorder price In india

Sony Comcorder price In india

Sony Comcorder

Sony Comcorder

Hear we have included Information  on Sony Comcorder models ,features and price.

you can see  bilow …..

1 .Sony HDR-XR550E Handycam Price Rs 59,990
2 .Sony HDR-XR500E Handycam Price Rs 49,990
3 .HDR-XR150E Handycam Price Rs 39,990
4 .Sony HDR-XR100E Handycam Price Rs 29,990
5 .Sony DCR-SR88E Handycam Price Rs 23,990
6 .Sony DCR-SR67E Handycam Price Rs 26990
7 .Sony DCR-SR68E Handycam Price Rs 19,990
8 .Sony DCR-SR47E/S Handycam Price Rs 23,990

Sony Flash/ Memory Compact and stylishly designed stick Handycam camcorder price list –

1.Sony DCR-SX44E/R Camcorder Price Rs 14,990
2.Sony DCR-SX63E Camcorder Price Rs 16,990
3.HDR-CX150E/B Camcorder Price Rs 29,990
4.Sony HDR-CX100E/B Camcorder Price Rs 29,990
5.Sony HDR-TG1E Price Camcorder Rs 39,990

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