Olympus Megazoom SZ-10 and VR-320 Price & Spec

Olympus Megazoom SZ-10 and VR-320 Price & Spec



Olympus has announced a two all new cameras. It is SZ-10 and the VR-320.

The SZ-10 has a 14.1 megapixel sensor and the camera uses the TruPic III+ image processor for sorting images out. And it’s LCD on the back measures 3 inches and It has a higher resolution when compared to previous cameras in this range.

The SZ-10 has a zoom lens. and it is capable to 28mm to 504mm and it is also capable of capturing images at 720p HD. Video is captured at 30 frames per second.

And the Olympus VR-320 has a wide angle 24mm lens that goes all the way up to 300mm. it’s screen on the back is also LCD although it has a sligtly lower resolution than the SZ-10.

On the side of Priceing details , the VR-10 will cost $250 when it launched in March and the VR-320 will cost $199 and will also launch next month.

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