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Five Blogging Myths to Ignore

Though there are thousands of blogs entering the blogosphere every day, many individuals maintain several misconceptions about the practice. There are dozens of myths surrounding blogging and how to succeed at blogging that may be holding bloggers and blogging hopefuls back from true success. Try to avoid these three common blogging myths and watch your blog prosper.

 Blogs Are Self-Involved Diary Entries

Many people think that blogging cannot be a professional or adult endeavor. Just as journaling has somewhat of a stigma about it, blogging is often thought of as an internet diary. The truth is, not all blogs are about personal experiences and feelings. And, even the ones that are, can be very successful. The trick to successful blogging is finding a workable niche and doing something unique within it. If that niche is something personal about your life and you are able to present something new and exciting to the blogosphere, there’s no reason your blog couldn’t be successful. Blogging have shifted even further away from an internet journaling exercise. Today, blogs consist of specific, content oriented platforms that seek to serve some purpose within the web. Blogs are successfully used for marketing and networking companies and products.


5 blogging-myths
5 blogging-myths

Blogs Can’t Make Real Money

A common myth among blogging novices or the ill-informed is that blogs can’t make any substantial amount of money. While profiting off of your blog takes a significant amount of work, it is by no means impossible. Profitable blogging all starts with a strong idea. Find your niche and work with it. Once you have developed a blog that is interesting, unique, and has attracted a few readers, you can try to market and brand it. Bloggers who are able to successfully develop their blog and market it to the masses earn six figure incomes. Obviously, this is not possible for every blog out there. But there are plenty of bloggers out there that make a decent amount of money writing about what they love. For truly profitable blogging, you must treat it like a part time (or full time) career. Write for a few hours every day and update regularly. Becoming successful and profitable within the blogosphere takes time and effort. Be patient.

 Content Is Everything

I know this may be a bit shocking, but blogging isn’t all about content. Yes, content is immensely important. However, it is by no means the entire picture. Even with the greatest content on the web, no one is going to read it if they can’t find it or it is displayed on an ugly site. Successful blogging consists of quality content, attractive web design, and strong marketing. Successful blogging is just as much about creating a brand and developing a blogging community around your blog, as it is about writing quality posts that contribute something special to the internet. So, rather than spending all of your time and energy crafting a beautiful and perfect post, dedicate a portion of your energy toward marketing and exposure.


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