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Guest posting is a great way to raise your search engine rankings and presence on the internet. There are so many people offering guest posts that bloggers and site owners receive hundreds of emails a week with requests to guest post on their site. It is more important than ever to offer something original and unique in your guest post to help it stick out from the others. Most guest posts are only text and offering a photo or video in your guest post will help differentiate it from the others and catch the site owner’s attention. He or she is much more likely to then read your article.

This doesn’t mean that placing any picture or video in your article will ensure your guest post is posted. While including a photo or video makes your guest post more visually appealing, it must add value to the site or blog. It must also be appropriate to the audience that will be reading the article. Here are three tips that I follow when brainstorming to include a video or photo in my guest posts:


1. Relevance- You need to make sure that your picture or video is relevant to the topic of the
guest post. It is highly unlikely that your guest post will be posted if you have something that
is completely unrelated to the article or at least the blog. Anyone can add a random photo to
a guest post. The high quality guest posts that make the cut contain a unique photo or content
that was created.

2. Original Content- It’s best to take a photo or create an image that is original and not from the web. It shows the blogger that you took the time to create a high quality guest post and that you care about your work. Consequently, bloggers are more likely to accept your guest post.

3. Use Humor– From the feedback I received from a handful of bloggers and webmasters, funny videos and photos are almost always posted. Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Just keep tip number one in mind and make sure that the humor is relevant to the guest post. Sometimes it might not be feasible to include an original photo or video that is funny and relevant to the topic you are writing about. In this case, it is ok to take something from the internet as long as it’s related to the topic. For example, if you are writing a guest post on pets, it might be hard to catch your dog or cat doing something funny. In this case, grab a photo from the internet like this one:

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” could not be more accurate. Keep this in mind the next time you write a guest post and try to capture the perfect picture to enhance your guest post. Although it’s getting harder to convince bloggers to accept a guest post, a picture is a great way to help yours stick out and exponentially increases the likelihood of your guest post being posted!

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Adam Bruk is an online marketing specialist tracking retail trends in polarized sunglasses and discount sunglasses. When he isn’t busy at work, he enjoys golfing, traveling, and creating funny images with Photoshop!

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