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5 ways to generate ideas for your blog posts

Do you need to write a new article and just cannot think of something appropriate to write? This is a common feeling that is experienced by a lot of bloggers. What to do in this case? How to generate ideas for your blog posts? In this article I will be sharing about 5 ways you can generate ideas for your blog posts and I really hope that you will like it.

Article Directories

Although there are a lot of crap articles in these directories you can still use them in order to generate some fresh ideas for your own blog posts. For example you could take two articles and combine them in order to make a longer and more complete blog post. However you should make sure that you do not copy the article as it is but rather pick the main ideas.



Forums on the internet can also be a good source of ideas when it comes to your blog posts. By browsing the different threads you will be able to find out the different problems that people have and also the different solutions that have been proposed. This can help you get some interesting ideas for your new articles.

Question and Answer sites

There are numerous question and answer sites on the internet that will also provide you with some information on the different problems that is faced by users around the world. This should indeed provide you with some ideas for your guest posts just as with the forums. The good thing about these types of information is that they can really help you create meaningful post for the readers.

Interview an expert

Another interesting way for you to create a unique article will be to interview an “expert” within your niche. There are many people who are craving for recognition on the web and will happily help you write an interesting article. For instance you may want to visit some popular blogs and try to interview the owner via email. Just make sure that the questions are short, easy to understand and do not need a lot of answer. This can give you substance for a lot of article where you could be analyzing each and every answer.

Ask your readers

It might also be interesting that you ask your readers about the problems that they faced and that they will want covered in another article. There are many applications that can be placed in your CMS and help you generate polls and surveys. You might also ask these questions on your Facebook fan pages or even on Twitter.

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