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Scosche freeKEY Bluetooth keyboard: spillproof and flexible

Scosche has announced its new freeKEY Bluetooth keyboard—and it’s freaky feature is a water-resistant, silicon design that’s flexible—and can be rolled up for storage and transport.

It’s use for the freeKEY as users of tablets, smartphones, and other Bluetooth devices that occasionally need to whip out a keyboard for messaging, email, or other tasks, but don’t want to sacrifice portability to a full netbook or notebook computer.

According to the Scosche executive VP Kas Alves“With tablets becoming more and more common in the workplace we wanted to create a mobile typing solution for the tablet power user,”, in a statement. “The freeKEY gives our customers the ability to comfortably respond to lengthier, more formal work emails and draft documents that would be otherwise difficult to create.”

Bluetooth keyboard
Bluetooth keyboard

Bluetooth 2.0 works with iOS and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows PCs with Bluetooth capability. Once a freeKey is paired with a device it will automatically re-pair the next time the keyboard powers up. Scosche also includes a retractible USB-to-microUSB charger.Scosche freeKEY price is $59.99.

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