More privacy fears raised about Apple, Google tracking your smartphone

An app was released on Yesterday .from that you are able to read a file generated by iOS (and backed up to computer with iTunes), It shows that the where your iPhone or 3G enabled iPad has been since the day you purchased it. This file is called consolidated.db. and uses cell tower information to give a guide.

there’s some obvious privacy questions here, the main questions is that the why this is allowed to happen, and what exactly does it track? A map of what the consolidated.db file looks like when placed on a map program available here.

Apple previously told Congress it “intermittently” collects data on iPhone users and Wi-Fi networks. The Journal last year reported that Google and Apple share such data with third parties without consumer knowledge or consent.

The map shows a fairly accurate representation of where you have been. The main worry is that the Apple is collecting this data. From what we understand, the consolidated.db file resides on the iPhone and is often updated. When connecting up to iTunes, a backup is made. That’s it from what we understand.
It is believed that iOS uses consolidated.db as place to grab location information for those apps and services that used location based features. This includes the Safari browser, Evernote and a bunch of other apps that all prompt you to be tracked. What should happen, and this is where the oversight is, is that iOS should cull the information regularly so that location is only kept temporarily to service those apps that need it at a given time (and with your permission).

We expect to see iOS be updated in the near future along with a possible update to iTunes so that all the old information can be purged. Even if Apple did have other intentions with the data,then the public attention the matter has got in the last 24 hours will more than likely see the feature/error put as it should be AKA, a temporary cache.

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