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iPhone 5, iPhone 5and iCloud Rumoured for September 7 Launch Event

According to the an report .This is around the same part of the month as other media events Apple has held for the past few years when launching a new iPod.A report is indicating that Apple could be holding a media event on September 7. According to the Apple, Apple will also include the roll out of iOS 5 publicly as well as the launch of iCloud and finally, the launch of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is a little later this year than part iterations. Apple release the iPhone in June but this year it moved to September for some reason, perhaps to give a 6 month gap on the iPad or perhaps related to the late launch of the Verizon iPhone 4.


iPhone 5 will be announced here, we possibly wont see it until October as other sources have suggested that manufacturers will not start shipping the iPhone 5 till September. We might not see any iPhone 5 announcement at all with Apple holding another event later on in September or perhaps in October.

Now This time nothing is confirmed but the source of the information, kodawarisan, has been correct in identifying dates in the past.

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