Apple Job Offer Seeks for RFID Experts

Apple Job Offer Seeks for RFID Experts

Apple jobs

Apple jobs

We’ve heard about RFID. it is arriving on the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2. This information has been further strengthened by a new Apple job listing that requests a payment platform expert in RFID.

It is similar to NFC (near field communications). it can be used to wirelessly transmit data over a very short distance. and the iPhone 5 or other device with NFC built in can then be used as a mobile e-wallet to pay for items whilst out shopping.

Apple will include NFC/RFID technology in the iPhone 5 and that mid time of the year 2011. it will see the launch of a mobile payment solution perhaps starting in Apple stores and then branching out to 3rd party retailers. Who is This part we don’t know this time.

Pad 2 also getting RFID, we suspect it will probably land in the iPhone 5 as the iPad 2 is only a couple of months away from launch from what we understand. If Apple launchs the iPad 2 in the next couple of months then there’s no chance someone taking this new job offer now could have any impact on the insides of the device which were probably finalized months ago.

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