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Apple Blocks Sony Reader App

Apple Blocks Sony Reader App


We got a news on today Sony Reader app for iOS was not approved by Apple. Sony has said that the its app was blocked by Apple because it allows in app purchases to be made from a different companys. Apple wants to sell all content through the iTunes store rather from the Sony eBook store.

At the moment one thing we don’t understand¬† is what will happen to apps like the Amazon Kindle app, Nook and other apps that allow users to connect up and sync content from a 3rd party location.

Sony isn’t telling us the full reasons why the app was banned, and maybe they tried to do something different to what Kindle and Nook apps do to get content.

Apple hasn’t spoken up about the reasoning yet, but if they decide to go the route of preventing apps like Kindle, Nook as well as various news paper apps there will certainly be problems caused.

Would this be enough to move you to another platform? or are you just waiting to hear more on this? we are trying to get more information on it. we will back soon with more details….

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