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AdSense Launchpad: Boost your revenue

The AdSense Starter Guide Helping You Earn & Learn with AdSense

Test and track with channels

Wonder whether a certain ad location, size, or color will be effective on your pages? Use channels to help measure the outcome of any tests you run. Channels are like folders that let you group and track ad units as you choose by colors, categories, or pages, for example.

Set up channels as ad placements

Unlike contextual targeting, where our technology dynamically matches ads to the content of your page, placement targeting allows advertisers to pick specific groups of ad units on your site (referred to as “ad placements”) that they want to target.

To make specific ad units available for placement targeting, you need to set up your custom channels as ad placements. Follow these instructions or watch  this video to learn how to increase your visibility with premium advertisers so they can find and select your ad placement for their campaigns.

AdSense for search

Now that you’ve mastered AdSense for content, you might want to try AdSense for search. This free product will allow visitors to search through your site, a few sites, or the entire web using a Google-powered search bar.

You can generate additional revenue from ads that appear on the search results pages, just as you do for other AdSense ads across your site. We recommend you place a wide search box in a consistent location near the top of all of your pages so it’s easy for users to find.

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